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We are a boutique book publisher for passionate art, design, architecture and fashion lovers based in Cologne, Germany. Our focus is on original content to relevant topics as well as on the layout and design of the books.

Numerous encounters with very special people have contributed to the fruitful development of our publishing house. With our first literary non-fiction book – Ingenious Encounters – World Tour to Nobel Laureates – we have expanded our program to include a genre that will surely open new perspectives, both for ourselves and our readers. Ingenious Encounters clearly demonstrates that the greatest achievements in our society have been brought about by people who believe firmly in something and follow their paths unswervingly. With our program for 2015, we also strive to do the same: We continue to come up with new and exciting ideas and implement these with great passion.

It is this very special dynamism, which helps us bring people together and develop new projects. One of these is the new Daab Salon – a place where those who are interested in art and culture can come together and exchange ideas. The concept was greeted with great enthusiasm and, after three successful exhibitions, the Daab Salon has already established itself as one of the hotspots of the Cologne art scene.

We also initiated a new fashion fair – the Cologne Fashion Days – which also serves as a platform for the direct and immediate exchange between young designers and their customers. In November 2015, we plan to make Cologne yet again the focus of the world of fashion with the second edition of the CFD – with even more exhibitors and a more extensive program of events.

We strive to bring the contents of our books to life and invite our readers, friends and partners to actively participate in this.

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  • Cologne Fashion Das 2015 hosted by Mercedes-Benz Center Köln

    After the succesful start of the COLOGNE FASHION DAYS (CFD) in November 2014 we are pleased to announce the collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz Center Köln and it ́s well known Mercedes Fashion Award Cologne 2015. The COLOGNE FASHION DAYS are a three days shopping event for fashion, accessories and shoes including inspiring catwalks and an exciting side-program.  December 4 - 6, 2015
    Mercedes-Benz Center Köln More information on the official website: Facebook  Instagram   Twitter