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Since 2010 an exclusive team around the Cologne-based publisher DAAB has been creating exquisite books in the fields of art, architecture, design and fashion. In addition to a clear focus on original content and relevant topics DAAB also attaches great importance to the graphic design of all its books. The editorial design and layout is developed and designed by the well-known agency MEIRÉ UND MEIRÉ in Cologne. Most of the books are published bilingual for worldwide distribution.

Following the monographs on AI WEIWEI, WINKA DUBBELDAM and PAOLA NAVONE, the FRESH series shows the best work on illustration, product design and street art, edited by the renowned agency Magma Brand, which also designs and publishes the highly successful magazine "Slanted". SUPERLATIVE EMIRATES provides an overview of the numerous exorbitant architectural projects of the United Arab Emirates. This is complemented by FUTURISTIC which focuses in great detail on the perspectives of future building projects faced with the global challenges of overpopulation and climatic change.

DAAB first aroused the attention of the international art world with RISING , a fascinating compendium on young emerging artists edited by Olaf Salié, who was supported by an advisory board including well-known gallery owners and collectors. Rising was followed by CORPORATE COLLECTIONS, published in cooperation with Deutsche Standards and the Corporate Collecting Task Force of the Cultural Committee of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) - an exquisitely designed and lavishly illustrated book on the corporate collections of 70 German companies, including private collections with direct connections to the companies owned by the collectors.

BRIGHT! in Co-Edition with slanted! presents a unique collection of extraordinary typography in illustrations and art.

PRIDE AND GLORY by the internationally acclaimed photographer Horst A. Friedrichs pays homage to the rockers' jacket to which a limited edition with an elaborate leather-bound including a signed print is planned. THE LABEL BOOK, edited by Thomas Rusche, presents exclusive fashion companies whose labels continue to be a guarantee for the highest quality, as well as tradition and style. In addition to this title the 8-volume set ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CLOTHING CULTURE, available autumn 2014, will be a dependable guide to everyday and not-so-everyday questions of clothing.

With their publications, Daab have set themselves the task to contextually relevant accents and buck the mainstream by producing well made high quality books. At the same time Daab has also developed new formats based on the contents of their publications.

The book NEW ON THE CATWALK for example was the basis for the COLOGNE CATWALK 2012, a new fashion show format for emerging designers in Cologne. This year the COLOGNE CATWALK concept will be expanded with the Cologne Fashion Days (CFD), a three-day fashion fair for young couture labels into which the COLOGNE CATWALK event will be integrated.

CROSSING CHINA, a compendium on contemporary art and architecture in China was first presented at the ART COLOGNE 2013. The book is edited by Gérard A. Goodrow.

In Co-Edition with FRAME Magazine Daab published THINK DUTCH , which presents and describes future-oriented projects and products of the creative scene of dutch designers and architectures.

Projects 2014:

In INGENIOUS ENCOUNTERS PeterBadge tells his incredible stories about meeting nobel laureates on his journeys.

The complete reprint of all issues of the legendary magazine «ulm», by the School of Design, HfG in Ulm between 1958 and 1968, will be in their original format in one volume. Edited by René Spitz.

PASSAGES, edited by Gérard A. Goodrow and Julia Riterskamp is about contemporary Indian art in recent years.

In HOLZ HOLLYWOOD George Holz’s exquisite volume titled takes the Daab series of photo books to new glamorous heights.

The best is yet to come!

Anja and Ralf Daab

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    curated by Gérard A. Goodrow

    20.February - 27. March 2015

    Vernissage 20. February 19 - 21h
    Finissage    27. March 19 - 21h

    Aljoscha creates curiously organic sculptures, paintings, drawings and C-prints that are inspired by his keen insights into bioengineering and gene technology. He is fascinated by the microcosms of organic forms and translates these into highly complex, filigree and delicate works of art that defy classical categorisation.His sculptures and objects are created using thick, viscous acrylic paint, which is meticulously built up milligram by milligram, in some cases over several months, until the final form is achieved. This final form is not predetermined, but rather “emerges” on its own, as if, even in the earliest stages of its existence, the object had taken on a life and a destiny of its own. The Ukrainian artist calls his works “Bioisms”, thus emphasising their vital, organic nature. In fact, he regards each of his works as “living beings”, and thus invests these with as much dynamism, vitality and complexity as possible. According to his own utopian (and perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek) theory of “Biofuturism”, the future will be marked by a biological revolution, following which mankind will use organic furniture, dwell in living houses and move about by means of organic spacecraft. More importantly, the artist’s studio will be akin to a biological laboratory, where the artist will create organic works of art using living substances, thus creating new forms of life. Aljoscha is a master craftsman. His rare paintings depicting complex biomorphic landscapes are often created with singlehair brushes, and his extremely fine and meticulously detailed pencil drawings, which the artist calls “Quintessences”, appear to have been made under a microscope. His computer-generated C-prints are based on a mathematical formula used to calculate and evaluate the spatial complexity of natural forms and are prime examples of the artist’s continued search for the perfect natural form, revealed and visualized with the assistance of science and mathematics.